Artisan Builders prides itself on creating lasting, trustful relationships with our clients that continue to evolve long after a project is complete. Our craft is the manifestation of our clients' dreams. We take this premise very seriously and approach each project with the utmost integrity and diligence so that we may not only achieve but surpass their expectations. 


Artisan Builders, under the leadership of Justin Stratman, has overseen several construction projects on our property, Lizard Head Ranch located on Wilson Mesa. These projects have included the relocation and restoration of three early homestead cabins, an agricultural barn, an equipment and maintenance barn, a ranch manager's residence and a complex outdoor garden.

Justin's work is on time, on budget and of the highest quality . Despite these attributes , which are in my experience rare, Justin’s unique creative abilities set him apart from all other contractors I have worked with during 45 years of construction projects. Artisan Builders creative skills far exceed those of most architects.

    - PHILIP B. KORSANT, Wilson Mesa

We have been fans of Justin Stratman and his diverse and capable artisans since the Steeprock days of  2003-5. The original Gold Creek Ranch is adjacent to our property, and we witnessed the meticulous care, concern and talent, exhibited during the design and construction of the several buildings that comprise that unique compound. Justin surrounds himself with a variety of talented and creative tradesmen, and was able to bring to fruition our vision, as well. And it is worth noting that, at over 10,000 ft elevation and ‘limited’ access during the winter, they performed at a very high level  of productivity and efficiency in sometimes very adverse conditions. They are truly extreme outdoorsmen, comfortable with the elements.

Furthermore in the three years of construction, Justin quickly developed an understanding of the unique site location, and our intended use of the high mountain environment. That sense manifested itself in the design and layout as well as selection of key materials. The home was finished in late 2015, and we have learned to appreciate the enhanced solar gain, increased insulation and general weatherstrip tightness of the building during this past winter. 

Although our main residence is a couple hours away in Durango, we were generally absentee owners during the construction period. Artisan Builders, from Justin, to the Foreman, and the various tradesmen, were very communicative through all phases of the project. Timeliness and budget were strained by several factors, some of which were impacted by the many 'change orders' in the 'design and build' process. Justin has a knack for planting the seeds and creating an environment for his artisans to flourish. When the team is excited to be contributing to the project, the finished product is greatly enhanced.

Depending on their availability, we hope to engage them in some remodel/addition of the barn this summer, in addition to some possible outbuildings. 

- Rick and Becky, Durango


Justin has been great to work with.  With a long-distance project like ours, in a relatively remote area near Telluride, it was comforting to know that Justin was in charge of the selection of materials and the coordination of the various skill-sets that came together to construct our project.  We found Justin to be an extremely honest, creative, talented and very practical manager.  He has a keen eye for the details, respect for the environment, and an ability to balance local building requirements with building aesthetics resulting in high quality construction.  It was a pleasure to work with Justin and we look forward to future projects with Artisan Builders.


In late 2015 we hired Artisan Builders to handle a few important tasks at our new single family home in Mountain Village.  They converted a useless exercise room into a highly functional bunkroom, converted a billiards room into another bedroom and built a ski/mud room into our garage.  The quality of their work was impeccable.  They worked closely with us and our interior designer to get everything just right, under a very tight time frame.  We only had a few months to get all of this done before the ski season began and they delivered everything on time, on budget.  We are so happy with the final outcome.  The bunkroom is now our favorite room in the entire house, and everything else is functional and gorgeous.  The bunkroom was built with reclaimed barnwood and steel elements that is beautiful, warm and cozy.  These few changes transformed our home.  We have had an amazing customer experience with Artisan Builders.  We will use them for all of our future construction needs and we are happy to give them the highest recommendation and provide a reference upon request.

- AJE, Mountain Village

We interviewed several contractors before deciding to hire Justin and Artisan Builders to build an addition onto our home. Ours was a relatively small but very challenging project that we knew would require broad vision as well as day-to-day ingenuity and small-scale problem solving. Justin is exceptionally creative and efficient, which is a rare combination. He listens carefully to his clients’ dreams and needs, and always offers thoughtful options to fit within the general plan. He is open, friendly and approachable, and leads a very honest, competent and hard working crew.  Justin has been working in the Telluride region for over 15 years now and we feel this is an important piece of the puzzle. He has a remarkable network of relationships in the area and he is clearly liked and trusted; this is one of the key reasons he is able to get work done so efficiently and effectively. We will hire Justin again for any future projects, and we recommend that anyone considering building in the Telluride area at least meet him to discuss their dream plans.

- Corinne and Mark, Ophir